Top 7 Epic Graduation Moments

Top 7 Epic Graduation Moments

You can find all the graduation and mainstreaming photos here, but if you want only the most epic, authentic TJS moments, you're in the right place!


Moment 1: Mr. Li brought back the glitter tee a group of students made him earlier in the year.


Moment 2: Asked what he wanted the world to know about him, this mainstreaming student said, "that I'm a triplet," highlighting his brothers during his own time to shine. Epic can be sweet too!


Moment 3: Mr. King daring a student to do her spot-on impression of him while she was onstage receiving her mainstreaming certificate. She didn't take the bait this time, but hopefully we'll get a video of her impersonation in the future!


Moment 4: The most epic post-graduation family picture ever taken!

face palm

Moment 5: When Mr. Li made his student face palm from laughter during his speech.


Moment 6: We challenge anyone to find a more epic hand gesture than "hang 10" at graduation!

Flaming Handshake

Moment 7: Mr. Li just can't be stopped! Our top epic moment is the flaming handshake Mr. Li gifted to a student whose love of science, enthusiasm for learning and work ethic will carry him quite a long way.

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