Diagnostic Testing

The Joy School offers diagnostic testing services for students ages 6-17 to help families determine a child’s strengths and weakness as well as the need for specialized educational services. All testing is conducted on-site by a Certified Educational Diagnostician or a Licensed Speech and Language Pathologist. We ask that our current applicants have initial testing completed by an outside source. However, we are able to conduct supplemental or updated testing when needed. We work with individual families to determine the perfect testing package for each client, and parents will be provided with both written and oral reports with testing results.

Tests we can administer:

  • WISC-IV (Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children)
  • WJIII (Woodcock Johnson III Achievement)
  • Key Math
  • Woodcock Reading
  • Spatial Awareness testing
  • CELF-5 (Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals)
  • CELF-5 Metalinguistics

For more information please contact Christine Pratt, Director of Programs, at cpratt@thejoyschool.org or 713-523-0660 ext. 171.