Middle School

Build your own schedule! Whether you want mornings or afternoons, two weeks or four weeks, we've got you covered!

Our students find the JOY in learning through direct, purposeful instruction in a safe, supportive environment with peers who share similar needs.

Students learn to celebrate their areas of strength while gaining skills and strategies to support their areas of weakness. They return to their schools with a renewed sense of confidence and a stronger understanding of themselves as learners.

Our middle school academic and executive functioning classes will be announced in December. See last year's classes below.

Middle School Social Skills Summer Program

Last Summer's Middle School Programs


Creative Writing
Unleash your inner writer! In this workshop, you’ll become more confident in your writing, give and receive constructive criticism, and practice narrative writing and poetry. Students in this class will grow creatively while enhancing academic writing skills.

Technology 101
Want to create your own website? In this class, you will! In addition, you’ll use laptops and iPads, practice typing, and get more comfortable using programs like Word, WordQ, Inspiration, and PowerPoint.

Mastering Math
Math is tough for a lot of students, but this program helps you become more confident in your math skills. Fractions, decimals, multiplying, and dividing don’t have to be scary!

Executive Functioning

Design a theme park, create your own business, or both! Either way, you'll learn valuable executive functioning skills, like:

  • Organization
  • Planning
  • Self-expression
  • Critical Thinking
  • Multi-tasking
  • Problem-solving

Build Your Own Dino Theme Park
Design and build your own dinosaur-filled theme park! Work as a team to research and choose which dinosaurs to put in your park, how to make sure they survive, and design the attractions around them. You get to give a “tour” of your park at the end!

You're The Boss
Do you wish you could own your own store? Maybe a toy store, restaurant, or even a comic book shop? In this two-week class you’ll get to push your imagination to the limit as you learn what it takes to create your very own store!

Check back in December for a full list of programs and in January to apply!

Spots Available for
2017-18 School Year

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