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Camp For All in Burton, Texas
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Camp For All in Burton, Texas

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Rising TJS 6th Grader
Teachers at TJS have time to prep you for when you mainstream to a new school. They don’t rush you. You’re learning a lot of the same things other schools teach, but in a better way – a way that makes sense for you. There is still homework, but the teachers know your ability, so it goes smoother.

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Brady King

Middle School Language Arts Teacher
Kids know they're in a safe place at TJS because we don't penalize students for what they don't know or what they can't do. Instead, we celebrate what they learn to do and the progress they make.

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Laura Mireles

Current Parent
My son needed to be somewhere that understood not all kids learn the same way. Somewhere that understood the value of teaching to the child, not teaching to the test. That's why we sought out The Joy School.

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1st Grade Alumnus

I learned how to do minus math problems at TJS. When I was in kindergarten, I didn’t really know how to do 18 minus a number equals a number. We only did plus. Now I can do minus too.

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Georgia Thomas

Alumni Parent

After Alex's first year at TJS, I really saw a difference. She was making friends, and she even seemed excited to go to school. It wasn't, "I don't want to go," anymore.

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