If there is one thing that is true about The Joy School’s curriculum, it is that there is no “one size fits all” program.

We believe students should be taught in a way that makes the most of their strengths while addressing their learning differences. All children need to feel successful before being asked to face challenging tasks.

Therefore, we work to discover the level at which a child can be independently successful and work systematically to move them forward from that point.

Teachers continually evaluate the effectiveness of their programs and adjust the pacing and presentation as necessary to help students progress as quickly as possible through the curriculum in preparation for mainstreaming. While the pace of our instruction, size of our classrooms and methodologies of our teachers may be different than traditional schools, our academic goals are very similar.

At all levels, students focus primarily on the skills of reading, writing and mathematics. Students also receive instruction in science, social studies and art and have the opportunity to participate in a variety of after school programs.

A key component to our success is our small class sizes. For students needing more intensive intervention, we use resource teachers who provide direct remediation at a one-on-one level. Our students are also taught to use technology of all types (including assistive software, laptops, tablets and interactive media) so they can use those tools to their advantage after mainstreaming.

To best meet the needs of our students, The Joy School has two divisions: Lower School (K-5th) and Middle School (6th-8th).