Admissions Process

1. Attend a Parent Tour

The best way to learn about The Joy School is to take a tour and ask questions. Parent tours are held regularly throughout the school year and are a required step in our admissions process.

Attend a Tour

If you have questions prior to attending one of our tours, please feel free to contact our admissions office anytime at 713-523-0660, ext. 110 or

2. Submit Forms & Fees

After attending a parent tour, you will receive information on how to create an admissions portal account. The Admissions Portal is our online system where you can complete an application, upload all required documents, track the progress of the completion of your application and communicate with our admissions team.

Student interviews are only scheduled after all forms and fees have been received.

The deadline to be considered in our first round of applications is February 15, 2019. In order to be considered in the first round you must have all items completed for your child’s application in our admissions portal. Applications are accepted year round, but the date above is for first round decisions for the 2019-2020 school year.

3. Student Interview

The interview consists of informal assessments to get a general picture of how a child performs academic tasks. It is also an opportunity to informally assess a child's attitude toward school, awareness of his or her difficulties, and ability to attend to the task at hand in a classroom-appropriate manner.

Interviews are only conducted when we believe that an existing opening may match your child's profile. Interviews begin in January and are conducted until all open spots are filled.

4. Classroom Visit

Following a successful student interview, students are invited to spend an entire school day in our classrooms. On these days, students are expected to participate in all activities to the best of their abilities. Classroom visits give us an opportunity to observe the child in social as well as academic group settings to ensure that placement decisions take into account all of a child's strengths and weaknesses.

Typically classroom visits begin in late January or early February and they continue until all admissions decisions have been made.

5. Optional 2nd Classroom Visit

Occasionally, students are invited back for a second classroom visit if we are unable to come to an admissions decision based on the first visit. Sometimes, this second visit is actually initiated by the student who wants to make sure they are really comfortable with our environment before accepting an enrollment offer.

6. Enrollment Offer Or Consultation

If we determine that an existing opening would be a good match for your child's needs based on what we have observed to be his or her strengths and weaknesses, an enrollment offer will be made. If, however, it is determined that our existing openings are not suited to meet your child's needs, a consultation with the Admissions Team is scheduled to discuss other options in the community.

Most enrollment offers are made by late March. However, applications are processed until all spaces are filled, which may be anytime during the year.