The Joy School Tuition

You search and search for a school for your child who's struggling academically, then you finally find one that seems like a good fit. The next, difficult question may be, "Can my family afford the education my child needs?"

At The Joy School, we are dedicated to allocating 10% of each annual budget to financial aid so more families can answer the above question with "yes." In addition, we make tuition as all-inclusive as possible so you are not surprised with fees or expenses throughout the year.

Learn About Financial Aid

Tuition & Fees

Budget Influences

  • Tuition revenue set to cover 90-95% of expenses
  • Annual Fund and Annual Luncheon proceeds cover 5-10% of expenses
  • Small class sizes of six to eight students
  • Competitive salaries and benefits for faculty and staff
    (approximately 85% of budget)
  • Ongoing professional training for all employees
    (approximately 2% of budget)
  • Need-based financial assistance for families
    (approximately 10% of budget)
  • All-inclusive to the extent possible