1st Grade Alumnus

How long did you go to The Joy School?

A couple years

Why did you go to TJS?

Because my mom and dad picked The Joy School.

Do you like it there? If so, why?

Yeah. Because… I don’t know… almost everything!

What’s your favorite subject? Why?

Math is my favorite. It makes me better at finding numbers. Like if I never heard of that number and there’s a minus or a plus, I can get to a new number.

Do you like Ms. Kate?

Yes. I like Ms. Kate’s class because we do show and tell on Fridays. I get to learn about the other kids in my class.

What did you work on in Ms. Kate’s class?

Writing and spelling tests. It’s important because I want my handwriting to be good so I can write good as a grown up.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A basketball player. I am good at hoops and other tricks. I’m gonna play basketball in the fall!

Has Ms. Kate taught you any strategies?

What’s a strategy?

A way to deal with something.

Yes. She taught me to erase something and fix it when I know it’s wrong.

Why do you want to go to St. Mark’s?

My sister goes there.

What did you learn at TJS?

I learned how to do minus math problems. When I was in kindergarten I didn’t really know how to do 18 minus a number equals a number. We only did plus. Now I can do minus too.

What’s your favorite thing you did last year?

Play batman tag in PE.

Why did you have speech class at The Joy School?

So we can learn body space – how to give someone space. You learn when to keep your hands to yourself.

What do you want kids to know about TJS if they’ve never heard of the School?

It’s fun!

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