Alumni Backyard Bash 2021

Alumni Backyard Bash 2021


The emotional reunion was filled with connection, celebration, and commemoration.

The 2021 Alumni Backyard Bash, an inaugural event for former students to reconnect with teachers and classmates from their time at The Joy School, celebrated the success of alumni who now “mainstream” – attend schools with traditional classroom settings.

With former students, parents, and teachers embracing each other and marveling at one another’s growth, the night was filled with the joy of TJS memories. When former students were asked what they missed about The Joy School, their answers were consistent across the board – the teachers, community, and atmosphere of TJS are what brought them all back that night.

“Who wouldn’t miss The Joy School?” said one former student. “The teachers really care for you,” added another.

For one student in particular, The Joy School was instrumental in helping him prepare for his high school education. Now a student at Strake Jesuit College Preparatory, he said, “If I hadn’t gone to The Joy School, it would have been a very difficult transition for me,” and “TJS prepared me for a lot.”

“Now I have a 4.0,” he added. “I was blessed to come here. The Joy School was like a big family. It helped me get out of my comfort zone.”

We like to say that The Joy School is forever – whether they’ve been gone 1 year or 10 years, our former students and families stay in our hearts and minds and are always welcome back.

“Each alumnus has impacted our community and left their own imprint,” said Transition Coordinator, Andrea Dorr. “I’m honored to welcome them home.”

Our incredible former students truly embody the JOY of our school – we are so proud of you all!

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