Why Joy - Getting Your Child Back

Why Joy - Getting Your Child Back


“Our first clue was his weekly spelling tests. We would study hard all week, and he would have the words down perfectly. But when it came time to take the test, the “brain-to-paper” connection wasn’t there. He would fail.”

The beginning of this former parent’s story is a common one we hear at TJS, and the story continues with descriptions of long, stressful, and tear-filled nights during homework time with her son. Enter The Joy School – after her son was officially diagnosed with dysgraphia, they arrived at TJS discouraged but hopeful. Dysgraphia, which is characterized by writing difficulties such as impaired handwriting, poor spelling, and problems selecting the correct words to use, is one of the many learning differences students have at TJS that we help them to overcome or adapt to.

The stress and anxiety of managing academic work with a child with learning differences takes a toll on the entire family. But after attending TJS, even after just a few weeks, parents experience a noticeable change in their child’s happiness, self-worth, and JOY. When students are set up for success, they begin to see themselves as capable learners, become comfortable asking for help, and learn to think of themselves in terms of their strengths rather than their weaknesses or diagnoses.

 “The Joy School not only gave him a safe learning space, but the skills and strategies needed to advocate for himself and be independent. We went from tears for years to hands-off, peaceful nights,” she said.  “I got my child back.” 


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