What Do Alligators, Tea Parties and Swahili Have in Common?

What Do Alligators, Tea Parties and Swahili Have in Common?

What do alligators, tea parties and Swahili have in common? They were all part of events at The Joy School!

Baby Alligator

First Mrs. Ledman brought a rescued baby alligator to school. The alligator's mother created a nest during the floods from Harvey, and when the water receded, the babies could no longer reach the bayou. Mrs. Ledman taught our students all about the alligator's lifespan, habitat, eating habits and more!

Teacher holds baby alligator in front of student

Young students look in awe at baby alligator

Third Grade Tea Party

Later, Mrs. Anastasia's class donned their most dapper attire for a tea party. Each student contributed something to the gathering, whether it be China, bundt cakes or homemade cucumber sandwiches. This opportunity to practice social skills with a fun twist had the kids smiling (and using British accents!), all while learning about manners.

Teacher pours tea for a student

Dressed up students sit around the table set for a tea party

Swahili Friendsgiving

Finally, students Ms. Burden's "Joy Around the World" elective practiced manners from another country - Kenya! For their Swahili Friendsgiving, Ms. Burden's class dined without utensils on food they'd never tried before!

Student holding samosas she prepared

Joy Around the World students preparing to eat Kenyan food

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