Speech & Language Services

The Joy School offers a variety of speech and language services to students in pre-k through eighth grade. Individual and group therapy sessions are available to current and prospective students, as well as students from other schools. Individual and group therapy sessions are provided by current TJS Speech-Language Pathologists.


Individual Speech & Language Therapy

Individual Speech & Language Therapy may be helpful if:

  • You have difficulty understanding what your child says. Their speech sounds are unclear (difficulty with speech articulation).
  • Your child has difficulty following directions, understanding stories or conversations, understanding vocabulary, or answering comprehension or social questions (difficulty with receptive language skills).
  • Your child has difficulty expressing his or her wants and needs, using correct grammar, summarizing information, conveying her or his point or uses words like “that,” “some,” “it,” or “stuff” instead of specific vocabulary (difficulty with expressive language skills).
  • Your child has difficulty with time management, organizing, planning for future events, sequencing stories, or transitioning between tasks (difficulty with executive function skills).

Request a Therapist

Policies, Procedures & Pricing Information
Please click here to review our Private Speech and Language Therapy Policies, Procedures and Pricing Information.

Group Speech & Language Services

Language & Social Development Group Therapy (Ages 4-6)

Group Speech and Language Therapy sessions are designed to meet the needs of children with speech, language and social pragmatic delays. The focus of each therapy group will vary based on the needs of the kids.

Times and dates of therapy sessions will vary by semester. Please call 713-523-0660, ext. 171 for more information.

Cost per semester: Tuition is based on the group size and the number of sessions each semester. Please call for more information.

Socially Savvy: A social learning group for students in grades 1-5.

Tuesdays 3:30-4:30 p.m.

Cost per semester: $695

This program is designed to give children an opportunity to learn and develop appropriate social cognitive and executive function skills in a small group setting. Students are grouped by age, grade level and their abilities. Using Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking® curriculum through interactive small group activities, classes will focus on conversational turn-taking, social problem solving, perspective taking, empathy and much more. This program, including its teacher or leader, is not affiliated with, nor has it been reviewed, approved, or endorsed by Michelle Garcia Winner and Think Social Publishing, Inc.

Social Skills 101 is also available during summer school.