Our Board of Trustees

The Joy School is a private 501c3 non-profit organization formed under the laws of the State of Texas, governed by a Board of Trustees. Board members are elected volunteers. The overall responsibility of the Board is to advance the School in accordance with its stated objectives and mission.

Board of Trustees

Fowler Carter

Genna Evans

Jerry Gauthier

Trish Hayes

Beth Hearn CFP

Helena P. Johnson

Josh Jones

Jessica Keiser

Suzie Kupiec

Joanne Margraves

Anna Mateja

Paul Mayhew

Keith Mosing

Nichole Olajuwon

Madelaine Pfahler

Joe Shahda

Lincoln Singleton

Lisa Stone

Trey Willerson

Patrick Wood

Shara Bumgarner

Patti Melcher, Emeritus
*Dr. Jerry Rosner, Emeritus
*Mary Watt, Emeritus