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The Joy School faculty demonstrates exceptional skill in teaching students with learning differences. All teachers have a bachelor’s degree with roughly half holding a master’s degree. Our teachers possess two key qualities: compassion and analytical ability.

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Audrey Anastasia

Learning Specialist, LS 4th
School: ext-147

Amanda Barksdale Lyttle

Learning Specialist, P.E.
School: ext- 157

Lara Leigh Bergoon

Assistant Head of School
School: ext- 275

Joann Black

Admissions Assistant
School: ext- 110

Tami Bond

Executive Assistant
School: ext- 125

Scott Brown

Learning Specialist, MS ELA
School: ext- 111

Shara Bumgarner

Head of School
School: ext- 130

Sarah Burden

Speech-Language Pathologist
School: ext- 235

Tammy Christou

Learning Specialist, LS 3rd

Luis Contreras

IT Support Analyst

Megan Daley

Learning Specialist, MS Math
School: ext- 128

Judy Dean

Administrative Assistant
School: ext. 121
1 2 3 6 > showing 1 - 12 of 65 constituents

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