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The Joy School faculty demonstrates exceptional skill in teaching students with learning differences. All teachers have a bachelor’s degree with roughly half holding a master’s degree. Our teachers possess two key qualities: compassion and analytical ability.

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Alli Newton

Speech-Language Pathologist

Reneé Nichols

Learning Specialist
School: ext- 276

Christine Pratt

Director of Programs & Assistant Director of Admissions
School: ext- 171

Laura Rodriguez

Accreditation Coordinator
School: ext- 122

Hillary Shelton

Learning Specialist
School: ext- 116

Dee Anne Simonton

Database Administrator
School: ext- 105

Sandy Sorensen

Learning Specialist
School: ext. 137

Mark Stites

Director of Technology
School: ext- 183

Elyse Trusell

Program Director
School: ext- 272

Rachel Williams

Dean of Faculty
School: ext- 143
< 1 3 4 5 6 > showing 49 - 60 of 63 constituents

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