Fast Facts

Contact Info

School Address
One Chelsea Boulevard
Houston, TX 77006

Main Phone

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Students, Faculty, Class Sizes

Year Founded

Student Body
149 students
K-8th grade

33 teachers
3 full-time speech-language pathologists
5 resource teachers

Class Size
6-8 students per class

Student-Teacher Ratio

Who's Who

Founder & Head of School
Shara Bumgarner

Assistant Head of School
Lara Leigh Bergoon

Director of Admissions
Laura Rodriguez

Dean of Students
Stephanie Malveaux

Dean of Faculty
Rachel Williams

Transition Coordinator
Andrea Dorr

Director of Development
Deborah Kirkland

Director of Programs & Assistant Director of Admissions
Christine Pratt

Webmaster & Director of Communications
Katy Manning

Memberships & Accreditations