Save the Date!

2025 Annual Luncheon - February 25th, 2025



Thank you for joining us at the

2024 Annual Luncheon Event!

We are forever grateful to Luncheon Chairs

Melanie & Chris Promecene and Kate & JJ Oshins!

Below you will find the annual video that showcases the achievements of our school and its impact on our students. 

2024 Annual Luncheon Video

Thank you to all our fantastic underwriters

for making this event possible!



Patti Melcher

Leslie & Randy Newcomer



C.N. & Maria Papadopoulos Charitable Foundation

Brenda Duncan

Duncan Genesis Foundation

Harvey / Amy & Mark Hammer

BJ & Buddy Herz

JBD Foundation

Eliza & John Duncan / Kate & JJ Oshins

Melanie & Chris Promecene

J’Anne & Jeffrey Rawson

Isla & T.R. Reckling

Genna & Jon Evans / Kate & Will Stukenberg



Holly & Mike Garner

Kimberly & Daniel Horowitz

Anna & Bret Scholtes



Tara & Thomas Allen

Ric & Mo Campo

Lucy & Fowler Carter

Children's TheraFun, L.L.C.

Neva & John Dawson

Margaret & Cherrill Farnsworth

Bari & David Fishel

Kelly Beth & Charlie Hapgood

Trish & Andrew Hayes

Terri Frink & Renat Kapkov

Kyle & John Kirksey

Karen & Kevin McCarthy

Jennifer & Jimmy Moffett

Alice & Keith Mosing

Jen & Kyle Edwards / Amy & Chris Nichols

Lisa & David Stone

Louise & Drew Pennebaker / Stacey & James Thompson

Kelly & Jason Whitley

Jeanie Kilroy Wilson



Caroline & Andrew Bean

Mark Chalmers & Sally Chandler

Lela & Robin Gibbs

Vivette & Lee Graham

Michelle & Brandon Holcomb

Susan & Patrick Hurley

Heidi & Kevin Loosemore

Crystal & David Parker

Renee & Yuval Raizen

Amy & Cameron Rempel

River Oaks Baptist School

Ann & Howard Schramm

Sele Transportation Inc.

The Singleton Family

Linda & Bob Walker

Tricia & Jim Zucker

Photo of people at a previous TJS Annual Luncheon