What is Mainstreaming?

A TJS student graduates from 8th grade.

Preparing students to transition to traditional school environments is a key part of The Joy School's mission.

With most students attending The Joy School an average of three to four years, students transition from the School at different ages and grade levels; and the timing is based on a number of factors, including:

  • Academic progress
  • Social and emotional maturity
  • Resiliency
  • The next school being considered


How do we know a student is ready to mainstream?

Keys to Success

One of the first signs of a student's readiness to transition is consistent, proficient demonstration of The Joy School’s Keys to Success, as shown above. The Keys to Success are integrated into everything we do at The Joy School, and help kids both inside and outside of the classroom.

Secondly, we look for students to show independence in both academic tasks and age-appropriate social skills and behavior. Students ready to transition are equipped with the strategies and tools necessary to succeed in other schools.

Finally, we monitor student growth through teacher reports each semester, annual standardized testing every spring, and required diagnostic testing every three years. This allows us to ensure the student’s skills match the expectations of his or her future school.


What happens when it is time to mainstream?

When a student is ready to transition, the beauty is they are usually the first ones to know. The Transition Coordinator then works with the family to find the most appropriate school based on both the student’s and parent’s needs. Our students’ consistent academic and social success in a variety of public and private schools is a testament to the preparation they receive at The Joy School. A student who is ready to spread their wings and soar into a new journey is what truly puts the "joy" in The Joy School. And even after a student has transitioned out, the Transition Coordinator continues to offer familial support. We like to say once you’re at The Joy School, you are a part of our family forever.

School Acceptances for 2023/2024


If you want to know more, please contact Andrea Dorr, Transition Coordinator.