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The Joy school does not currently have any teaching openings. We encourage you to monitor our website for future opportunities to join our faculty.

The Joy School Difference

The Joy School is an extraordinary place to work and make a difference in the lives of children and their families. We foster a culture of collaboration, respectfulness and inclusion. Our exceptionally low turnover rate among administration and faculty is a testament to the positive climate at the School.

The Joy School seeks employees who demonstrate outstanding skill in teaching students with learning differences. While we require a four-year degree for all faculty, it is even more important teachers demonstrate two critical qualities: compassion and analytical ability. We find that individuals who possess these two important skills find the most success and best serve our students and families.

Since its inception, The Joy School committed to providing competitive salaries and benefits for its employees, including a retirement plan, strong health care plan, life insurance, long and short-term disability and a cafeteria plan. The School is committed to professional growth for all faculty and staff and provides opportunities to attend conferences and workshops throughout the country. These opportunities for growth are based on individual needs and preferences, rather than a “one size fits all” approach.

Top Workplaces Houston

The Joy School is proud to be named one of Houston's Top Workplaces for the fourth year in a row! We were ranked #6 in the small businesses category and won a special award for Meaningfulness. This is the second time for us to win in the Meaningfulness category. The first time we won was in 2015. In 2017, we were also thrilled to receive a special award for Appreciation.


Faculty & Staff Fun!

Um, Our Families ROCK at Teacher Appreciation Week

Um, Our Families ROCK at Teacher Appreciation Week

We may be biased, but we think our teachers have an incredible gift for educating kids with learning differences. That said, our TJS families might have an even greater gift for showing their love during Teacher Appreciation Week!

Here are just some of the gifts, notes and overall love we received over the past week.

A huge THANK YOU to our wonderful, considerate families! It's an honor to serve you and your kids.

Mrs. Flowers students with signs on their backs saying why they love her

Mrs. Flowers' class wrote what they love about her and school on sandwich board-style signs!

Note to Transition Coordinator Ms. Dorr, saying thank you for help with a high school interview.

Ms. Dorr is our Transition Coordinator. She helps our families throughout their mainstreaming process. We're so glad this 8th grader had a positive experience thanks to Ms. Dorr's work!

Mrs. Carey wearing a light purple shirt, smiling and holding flowers and a construction paper scarf from her students

a boy (purple shirt, khaki shorts) and a girl (red dress) 2nd grade student hold out a construction paper scarf they made their teacher. It has construction paper hands on either end of the scarf. It represents how much they love their teacher when they extend the hands.

Mrs. Carey's students made her this scarf with hands on either end out of construction paper. When they extend the hands in both directions, it represents how much they love Mrs. Carey ("Thiiiiis much!").

Gifts for Mrs. Donovan - a boquet of purple flowers in brown paper, a pound cake in a polka dot wrapper, and a yellow flower in a vase.

A sign with a yellow border and gray text that says

blue, square tin with a clear square in the middle that shows polka dot paper and cookies inside. A note on top says,

Tiff's Treats teal balloon that says

Mr. King, wearing a dark shirt, sits in his chair holding yellow tulips in front of a yellow wall.

Mrs. Motal, in a white shirt, smiles while siting and holding a bag of her favorite coffee and a yellow flower

Mrs. Flowers standing behind her students who are lined up in shirts that say,

Mrs. Flowers students showing the back of their shirts, which read,

Two notes and a pot of flowers for Ms. Sorensen

A bag of Almond Joys, a gray bag with flowers on it and a blue card that says,

The note card says, "Thank you for bringing joy to learning and the school!"

A bouquet of pink roses in a glass round vase

light pink roses in a small vase with a golden base

A heart-shaped box that's painted pink with blue letters that read,

A polka dot card that says,

Mrs. Wilson with a middle school boy holding gum he bought her.

A starbucks cup with a gift card inside. Cup says,

Heart shaped cookies with red icing and a white keyhole, similar to The Joy School's logo. A white note reads,

Mrs. Janssen and her student holding a unicorn with cardboard wrapped around it. On the cardboard, the student wrote the

This cardboard unicorn that a middle schooler gifted her math teacher is actually wrapped in the first 400 numbers of pi!

Ms. Sorensen wearing a yellow shirt and smiling as she holds up a flower and a card she was given.

Mrs. Wilson holding a yellow rose in front of a yellow wall.

A note with graphics that reads,

This card accompanied a lottery ticket given to Mrs. Kosley.

Tootsie Pop Bouquet